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We are a sound editing & sound design, foley, ADR, and dubbing specialized studio for films and TV series since 2003. Our portfolio is built in collaboration with the largest and most acknowledged national producers, having as purpose the appreciation of the nature and the artistic personality of the projects that come to our house.

Sound edition & sound design

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Based in two capitals

Our team combines experience and the best production technologies, employing high level resources to amaze the most demanding ears. In our studios, technical quality and attention to details are present in all work phases, that is our differential. Check out our structure:

São Paulo

4 5.1 mixing rooms
1 ADR recording room


2 foley recording rooms
3 stereo editing rooms
4 5.1 editing rooms


1927 Mix – São Paulo

Rua Fábia, 953 – Lapa

1927 Audio – Curitiba

Rua Cel. Assumpção, 216 – Alto da Rua XV
(41) 3023 8162